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Abstract- Monitoring your beloved ones becomes a difficult task in the modern day life. Keeping track of the health status of the patient at home is a difficult task. Especially old age patients should be periodically monitored and their loved ones need to be informed about their health status from time to time while at work. So we propose an innovative system that automated this task with ease. Our system puts forward a smart patient health monitoring system that uses Sensors to track patient health and uses internet to inform their loved ones in case of any issues. Our system uses temperature, humidity & heartbeat rate sensing to keep track of patient health. The sensors are connected to a microcontroller to track the status which is in turn interfaced Wi-Fi connection in order to transmit alerts. If system detects any abrupt changes in patient heartbeat rate, respiration & body temperature and humidity, the system automatically alerts the user about the patient’s status over IOT and also shows details of heartbeat, heart rate and temperature of patient live over the internet. Thus IOT based patient health monitoring system effectively uses internet to monitor patient health stats and save lives on time. A micro-controller board is used for analyzing the inputs from the patient and any abnormality felt by the patient causes the monitoring system to give an alarm. Also all the process parameters within an interval selectable by the user are recorded online. This is very useful for future analysis and review of patient’s health condition. For more versatile medical applications, this project can be improvised, by incorporating blood pressure monitoring systems, dental sensors and annunciation systems, thereby making it useful in hospitals as a very efficient and dedicated patient care system.
Keywords - IOT Internet of thinks, Adriano, WI-Fi, Signal Conditioning unit (SCU)

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