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Abstract-In the last decade, many useful applications for the mobile devices aredesigned to the deal with health care issues under Android platform. In proposesystem, an emergency service for mobile devices will be designed. In this, theposition function of Global Position System (GPS) and a user friendly interfacewhich will track the location of ambulance is provided. The application is acapable for the sending emergency notification or phone calls are alsoincluded. Nearest hospitals which is a provides ambulance service are alsoenlisted with their respective contact details. We How to the connect peoplewith this provided service for emergency service. Android phones we are using adaily due to its features like GPS, GSM, GCS, Computing ability and internetconnection. Now-a-days there are many application of android which helps userto provide solution to many problems related to their day to day life. Trafficcongestion and Road accidents are the major problems in the urban areas. Alsodue to the delay in a reaching of the ambulance to the accident location andtraffic congestion in between accident location and hospital increases thechances of the death of patient. So in order to provide solution for thisproblem, we are developing. An android application which will be detects theaccident event automatically and also sends notification to nearby emergencycontact services like hospital, ambulance, police station along with hispersonal information.. It uses GPS location for recognizing the accident.Personal information like blood group, photograph, and age like details willtake at the time registration of user. If an accident event detect thennotification will send along with this information to the emergency service centres.

Keywords- — Maintain record, blood bank, generate QR code, suggest shortest path to ambulance.

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