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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Studies on Removal of Orange G DyeUsing Carpentry Waste as Sorbent in Synthetic Waste Water


Abstract: - The objective of this study is to minimize the threat to the environment byutilizing carpentry waste powder for the removal of Orange G dye from syntheticwaste water. In recent time rising an invincible interest to detect a cost-effective and eco-friendly material forthe removal of hazardous chemicals from contaminated water. The biosorptionstudies are carried out in a batch process varying with six parametersagitation time, biosorbent size, biosorbent dosage, initial concentration ofOrange G dye in the aqueous solution, pH of aqueous solution and temperature ofthe process. From the experimentation it is revealed that 35 g/L of carpentrywaste powder of 53µm size is enough to remove 64 % of 20 mg/L concentration ofOrange G dye from 50mL of aqueous solution in 40 min.. A significant increasein percentage removal of Orange G dye is observed as pH value increases from 2to 6 and the percentage removal is maximum at pH = 6. The percentage removaldecreases beyond that pH. Freundlich and Langmuir models are applied todescribe the equilibrium isotherms. The kinetic studies shows that thebiosorption of Orange G dye onto Carpentry waste powder follows second orderkinetics. Various thermodynamic parameters such as change in enthalpy, entropyand gibb’s free energy are also determined. It was found that the biosorptionis exothermic, irreversible and spontaneous

Keywords: - (Carpentry waste powder, Orange G dye, Biosorption)

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