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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Brain Computer Interface Technology


Abstract Braincomputer Interface Technology is a interface between computer and brain. Braincomputer interface used in Brain gate system which is brain implant systemdeveloped by bio tech company cyber kinetics in conjunction with the Departmentof Neuroscience at Brown University. The development of the Brain computerinterface system brain computer interface is to enable those with severeparalysis and other neurological conditions to live more productively andindependently When a person becomes paralyzed, neural signal from the brain nolonger reach their designated site of termination. However, the brain continuesto send out these signals although they do not reach their destination. It isthese signals that the Brain computer interface system picks up and they mustbe present in order for the system to work. It is found that people with longstanding, severe paralysis can generate signals in the area of the brainresponsible for voluntary movement and these signals can be detected, recorded,routed out of the brain to a computer and converted into actions enabling aparalyzed patient to perform basic tasks.

Keywords: - Braincomputer interface, cyber kinetics, Neuroscience, Quadriplegic Neuroprosthetic, BrainGate.

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