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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Survey on Techniques for Mining Industries and Competitors


Abstract Inthe present  world Completive business,the  achievement  is totally  in  light of  the  capacity to make  a  thing more  engaging  clients than  the opposition. Huge     information     is   a    trendy expression   that  is   utilized   for expansive size information whichincorporates organized information,   semi-organized    information    and unstructured    information. In the current competitivebusiness scenario, there is a need to analyse the competitive features andfactors of an item that most affect its competitiveness. We study on a formaldefinition of competitiveness between two items, which we validated bothquantitatively and qualitatively. Finally the paper provides the challenges andimportance in the competitor mining tasks with optimal improvements.

Keywords: Competitiveness, Data Mining,Quantitatively, Qualitatively and Web Mining.

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