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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Survey on Long-Term Forecasting the Survival in LiverTransplantation Using Multilayer Perceptron Networks


Abstract Medical prognoses have been an emergingarea in mostly health care system. Mostly prognostics model based on theSurvival Analysis Procedures and this model used in verity of the domain. Medical decision support systems helps toclinicians and doctors for the building strategies to understand surgicaloutcomes. Tenfold Cross Validation (CV) is an applied on the medical inputdataset which has been obtained from the United Network Organ Sharing Database.Principal Component Analysis (PCA) are using for the dimensionally reduction ofhuge amount of data.  For thereorganization of relation attributes between them using a Tertius, Treap andApriori algorithms are using. In this we are going to purposes accurate andeffectives models Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for predicts Long-Termsurvival of the Liver Patients which are going to Liver Transportation (LT).Tenfold CV is applied on the medical input dataset it has been obtained fromthe United Network Organ Sharing Database system.

Keywords: TenfoldCross Validation, Principal Component Analysis, Artificial Neural NetworksOrgan Sharing Databases, Liver Transportation and Survival Predication.

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