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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Application of Network Coding for Peer to Peer File Sharing 


In the last several years, the internet has increased large number of web application which contain web based application video broadcasting and conferencing. Web based application is more popular because of its flexibility and user-friendliness. Many such web-applications contain one source (server) and number of destinations (receivers).in file sharing application web or file server hold the file which contain number of client. In peer to peer system, peer generally acts as end or last host. It is not possible for file sharing system to be reliable and flexible at the same time for gaining good throughput. Network coding aspires to improve parameter such as throughput and reliability. By using network coding the any node between source and destination are used to transfer the message. Network coding is scheme in which node can generate output message by encoding the message that received from the same node. Keywords:- Component, formatting, style, styling, insert.

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