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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Automatic Dam Doors Control Centrifugal Governor


–Dams are typically constructed with adrain & similar mechanism to control water levels in an impoundment fornormal maintenance or emergency purposes. By define a disaster is any eventthat causes great harm or damage serious sudden misfortune. Automatic dooropening and closing is depend on many mechanical system this mechanical systemare given by, By using centrifugal governing, By using rope mechanism,  By using gear mechanism. The opening of doorstakes place when: When the water level go up the dam door will be openautomatically. When the water level drops down the dam door will be closeautomatically. Due to this the operation is easy to handle. This operation issafe and it will consume less time as compared to other systems. Skilledoperators are not required.

Keywords – Rope mechanism, gearmechanism, centrifugal governor and water level scale.

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