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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Conical Curved Agitator


Abstract– In this era, mixing is one of themost fundamental operations in industries like paper, food, cosmetic, chemical,biochemical and pharmaceutical applications. Agitator is one of the importantparts in the mixing process. Proper and uniform mixing gives improved qualityof the product. In this paper, we have mainly focused on different types ofagitator used in industries to increase the mixing performance in industry. Alsoincludes the different parameters used for design of agitator. The design ofagitator effects on the mixing process as proper design can increase the mixingand uniform distributions of all additives, chemicals, raw material present inpulp. The review drives us to design an error prone model for agitator whichwill increase the mixing percentage, ultimately increase the gain of industryto get place into market with price for produce- This work gives approach forperforming stress analysis of an agitator of a large mixing vessel used inpulping process plant. The agitator is subjected to vibration due tomulti-axial forces resulting from bending and tensional loading imposed by themixing operation. The work also discusses an alternative approach for estimatingstress amplitude variation through dynamic stress analysis. Research workgives  solution for developing  the agitator with  curved conical shaped  Wildman which is  made  by using welding  techniques   standard material plates,  Agitator  looks conical shaped  from side view and circular  hub is designed to  hold the structure of agitator.  Projectgives result and validation on the basis of software tool as well asmathematical tool. This proves the strength in designed agitator. Along with agitationprocess of pulping stirrer is also considered which is mounted on top of theagitator hub.

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