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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Review on IOT- Based Home Automation


Internet of things (IOT) technologies isincreases as a powerful domain. In which embedded devices and sensors canconnect and interchange information over the Internet.  IOT technologies can extend a development ofcommunication protocols as well as sensors. Communication protocol is one ofbasic and important means to lightweight, low power sensor module, bandwidthconsumption, battery lifetime and security. In this paper, present an idea forbetter improvement IOT based Home Automation System (HAS) with the help ofcommunication protocol mechanism for IOT networks. In this paper discussedvarious technique and protocols for HAS. The proposed Message Queue TelemetryTransport (MQTT) protocol required low power, low bandwidth, battery life,security. The proposed protocol gives surety of message delivery to subscribersand publishers.

Keywords – CoAP,HAS, IoT, Low Power, Low bandwidth, MQTT, QoS.

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