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EmergingChallenges of Global E-Commerce


Connectivity is the driving force behind the growth of global E-Commerce. Customers have firm access to the internet and can be connected to any business of any country through a website, they are able to look, compare, and buy products in just a few seconds. To reach this growing pool of potential customers, online sellers are localizing their digital content for international markets and various stores are exploring their E-Commerce potential by creating user friendly websites with opportunities for online transactions. Many global e-commerce companies are entering India, as India is the most growing E-Commerce market in the world. High numbers of internet user’s penetration has been seen in the recent past, which is leading towards the growth of e-commerce market significantly. Many global e-commerce countries are ruling in India like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc. This paper is an attempt to throw some light on the challenges faced by global E-commerce companies in India.

Keywords – E-Commerce, Challenges to E-Commerce, Globalization.

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