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Abstract: Accreditation play vital role in reputation of any institute in market. Accreditation is very long process which has four stages that is Registration, Pre-Assessment Stage, Assessment Stage, Post Assessment Stage (Decision-Making)[1]. During assessment institute need to maintain lots of documents physically and to submit self-assessment report to NBA. The traditional approach of maintain files is time consuming. Hence, there is need of proper planning with central repository using any virtual platform. In this paper we discuss proper approach to maintain and access all documents easily without any loss by using central repository accessible to IQAC by using Google drive. This will help during accreditation process and do file management efficiently. This will manage documents in single repository under single umbrella and can be accessible to all respective coordinators within seconds securely. They are able to access all documents anywhere anytime. There is no need of handling documents physically. It will reduce lots of paperwork. Also it will helpto save natural resources by saving papers. If any modifications are required then they can easily modify all required contents without any loss.Keywords—NBA, Accreditation, SAR, Documentation, Google Drive, Repository

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