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Abstract-With advancement of Automation technology, life is getting simpler and easier in all aspect. Wireless lab automation system using IoT is a system that uses computers or mobile devices to control basic lab functions and features automatically through internet from anywhere. In this project we present IoT based laboratory controlling system that employs the integration of cloud networking, wireless communication to provide the user with remote control of various tubes, fans and appliances within their lab by using ESP8266 Wi-Fi module and relays also Arduino uno. The environmental parameters via sensors, thereby providing a smart environment to lab with energy efficiency and comfort the sensors are LDR for light intensity detection and DHT11 for temperature measurement. In this project we are making the smart lab assistance automation system which will take the student record while entering in the lab. So that entry record will be saved automatically to the main server of lab. For entry count we are using ultrasonic sensor, Arduino as a controller and lcd display. From the results of implementation, it is observed that the appliances in our lab are remotely monitored and controlled, thereby reducing their energy consumption considerably. Keywords – internet of things (IOT), Embedded System, Mobile Communication Sensors, smart lab, ESP 8266, Arduino board, Smart systems

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