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Abstract— Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in the planet. The system for real-time monitoring of water conditions, including water level, flow, and precipitation level, was created for flood monitoring in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand's southern province. The developed system has two main goals: to serve as a flood information channel between the involved authorities and experts in order to improve their responsibilities and collaboration, and to serve as a web-based information source for the general public in response to their need for information on water conditions and flooding. Sensor network, processing/transmission unit, and database/application server are the three key components of the created system.These real-time water condition data can be monitored remotely using a wireless sensor network that transmits measured data to an application server using mobile General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) connectivity. We developed a middleware called VirtualCOM, which allows an application server to interface with distant sensors attached to a GPRS data unit (GDU). A GDU that uses VirtualCOM functions as if it were a cable connecting the distant sensors to the application server.. The application server is a web-based system with a web application written in PHP and JAVA and a relational database in MySQL. Users can examine real-time water conditions as well as water forecasting directly from the web using a web browser or a WAP application. The developed system has shown that today's sensors can be used to wirelessly monitor real-time water conditions

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