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Abstract— OAF- Occasion Automated Forum. In this project we will be resolving the problem of a sponsored company called: “Creative Spirits” This Company has been doing manual work since last 7 years and needed a helping hand from technology. These are the requirements of the sponsor: We will be creating an automated forum consisting of the newest technology for example: Machine Learning, Predefined chat bot, Dynamic forum, and testimonials. By using machine learning we will train and test the predictive model, build line graphs for ratings and also to display how many events the company held from past 7 years and make the company one of the best Event management company all over the world. We will also make a predefined chat-bot for the clients to reach the company staff easily, and inquire about things like their contact information. The chat bot will also send the automated email to the clients after submission of their responses and the company will be able to reach the client steadily. We are also going to build a dynamic forum so the clients will be able to access the site on whatever device they like. We will also connect the forum to their Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages as ads so the clients would be able to take a look and enquire. Our forum would be user friendly, clients and also administrators will be able to find what they are looking for. Administrators will be able to upload or remove the specific information from the forum.Keywords — Machine Learning, Predefined chat bot (Human Machine Interaction), Dynamic Forum, Computer Graphics and visuals, Ratings and Testimonials, and Google Analytics

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