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Abstract-E-grievance redressal system for a municipal corporation is a web-based application that will promote complaint registration and complaint solving in a contactless manner. It will allow a common man to deliver his complaints and problems to the municipal authority as well as let the municipal authorities address the problem in a short period. We propose to make smart cities. The grievance redressal portal acts as an interface to register one’s complaints and follow them up. It provides a compliant module that helps to click a picture of any problem that people are facing and uploads its image and text information along with the complaint. The location of the user will be accepted. The locally elected authority will in turn see the list of problems in his/her locality, also including the online discussion forums and feedback forms which will help them to communicate well with the government. Citizens will have complete track of their complaints. The system will be a website that can be accessed irrespective of your device or location and will create complaints easier to coordinate, monitor, track and resolve, monitor complaints handling performance. The system will also have a block where citizens will also get to know about the government facilities (blood banks, hospitals, gardens, schools, etc.) in their city.Keywords: E-grievance, feedback, monitor

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