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Abstract—The provocation behind the project is proficient education and self-determined learning. It will significantly accelerate learning process and construct a productive impact in lifelong understanding. The issue these days is that students don’t stick to appropriate comprehensive techniques for efficient study and then impotently spend time in lengthy hours of study spans. To get over the learning issue we are reinforcing an android application which will execute learning process with decent study and evaluation techniques. The main intent of the project is to aid the ease of learning, retain material for longer period of time, and save students’ from long hours of study time. According to the objective we are going to bring forth the best user interaction along with test series and quizzes having time bounds, through the application. The application will have a substantial influence on students’ grasping concepts, which will benefit to excel score in examinations and enhance their learning competency.Keywords: Self-determined learning, learning process, comprehensive techniques, efficient study

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