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Abstract— One of the most crucial aspects of our daily lives is trajectory planning. Essentially, many roboticmanipulators can escape a trajectory. In this project, we introduced a rover, which is a robot car that is autonomous,compact, and completely functioning in an unknown area, and can identify and overcome obstacles in its route. Along withthis, we have sophisticated indicators that will aid in preventing and successfully conquering problems. Ultrasonic sensorshave been added to detect obstacles, avoid obstructions, and move away from the obstacle-free area. This rover has a widerange of applications, including use in locations where human entry is impossible, the parking industry, and by physicallychallenged people. Three Ultrasonic sensors were employed, one in the front and two on the sides. With an Arduino UNO,an L298N Motor Driver, a Servo Motor, and DC Motors. The goal of this project is to create a smart car model that isadvantageous to today's everyday difficulties.Keywords— Multiple Obstacle Avoiding, Multiple Obstacle Detection, More Coverage Area, Smart Indicators, Path Retaining

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