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Abstract: Developing a flutter app in which wallet system is integrated by using Ethereum Blockchain. In this flutter appuser can make secure transaction and the every transaction of this wallet is encrypted a very secure. Blockchain technologyis very secure to use an its necessary due to the cyber security issues. Using the private key stored in the Blockchain walletto sign the transaction is the only way to trade on the blockchain. Once the private key stored in the wallet is lost or leaked,it will cause irreparable loss. Now a day’s data is very important and it is necessary to be secure due to the cyber securityissue. In the finance sector the security is main source and the data is to be secure. This wallet is secure and the blockchainis decentralized and due to the decentralizes its secure and there is no chance to manipulate the data and access the databecause of decentralized feature. This wallet can be use in the finance industries and also it can be help to the apps that arerelated to the finance sector. Also, it can be use as a secure wallet in the apps like Paytm, PhonePe, Mobiwik, etc.Keywords:- Blockchain, Wallet, Security, Applications.

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