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Abstract--The goal of this study was to put an explicative model of college students’ academic achievement to the test. Themajor indicators were thought to be positive personality qualities. As mediator variables, mental health and academicadjustment were investigated. The main hypothesis of this model is that academic accomplishment is multi-determined, andnon-intellectual elements play a significant part in explaining it. A total of 256 college students from various majors wereincluded in the sample. In terms of academic adjustment (AA) and grade point average (GPA), the findings demonstratedthe need of Distinguishing between subjective and objective academic accomplishment. The mediation function of mentalhealth and AA in explaining GPA was highlighted in the explicative model that included positive qualities as backgroundfactors. In comparison to the other positive attributes studied, vivacity was the most important predictor of academicaccomplishment. Positive personality qualities, it is argued, play a vital effect in academic outcomes. Academic adjustment,academic achievement, personality traits, positive traitsKeywords: academic adjustment, academic achievement, personality traits, positive traits

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