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Abstract-- As we know that the events are organized in our department through WhatsApp or mail but it is difficult tomanage to send messages on groups or mails. So, we took the initiative to make a website for our ACTS council and it is easyfor student all the webinars or departmental activities through the website. In comparison to traditional softwaredevelopment, web applications have several distinct intrinsic qualities that make web application development significantlydifferent and maybe more complex. In this paper, we'll show the important criteria for the Web project developmentprocess and assess the software development process models' adequacy for meeting the crucial needs for Web projects. Agrowing number of institutes have created elements on their Web site to provide information about their facilities andfeatures to users (i.e., students and faculties). Things are usually done manually at colleges, such as submissions, handouts,notices, results, records, examinations, and so on. To avoid this, we are designing a web portal for our institute, which willbe useful in the following characteristics, such as time management.keywords-- Web Portal, Web Application, Web Service, Academic Portal, Portal for Acts.

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