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Abstract: The goal of this project is to construct and test a tap system. The method is more advanced than traditional handwashing and is intended to make life easier by providing a more convenient hand washing option. Water, soap, and a dryer,for example, are all integrated into the system. The machine controls the water tap and liquid soap automatically insequence using the arduino microcontroller. The project is using the IR sensors to detect the object placed before it. Theproject was created and implemented as a prototype of automatic water dispenser based on a arduino. The system uses IRsensors, arduino uno as a controller or data processor, electrically gallon pump functioned as valves open / close is drivenwith a DC current, Relay which serves to move the current / voltage using large current / voltage is small. The IoT-basedautomatic tap and hand wash system is utilised to efficiently move water from the source to the usage point while avoidinghuman mistake. Water supply automation can be done in a cost-effective manner using an embedded system. People whowant to wash their hands or drink water don't have to turn on the water tap, which makes the system smart.Key Words: Arduino UNO, Water Pump valve and IR sensors.

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