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Abstract:Mentoring means the act or process of helping and giving advice to a younger or less experienced person,especially in Educational Institutions. Mentoring is a typical approach of sharing knowledge and ideas from authenticateprofessional in a society to an inexperienced member in sector. Mentoring helps learners to accommodate a new academictopic, increases the prospect of academic success, and reduces attrition. The aim of a mentorship is to accelerate thepersonal and professional development of mentees. Mentoring means sharing acknowledgement with people around us, it isa professional way of expressing our skills and letting others and ourselves. Mentoring is a method of transferringknowledge and ideas from confirmed professional in a society to an inexperienced member in sector. It is used in Educationsector for providing knowledge. Education sector has found mentoring as fully effectual tool since long back and with theadvent of new technologies, comes an idea of online mentoring, which is also referred to as e-mentoring. So a system isneeded to maintain the mentoring record. Mentorship Progression System (MPS) is system which can be used to assign theMentees (Student) to Mentors(Teacher) automatically according to their mentorid and to store their data. This applicationreplaces the inconvenient method of storing data. Mentorship Progression System provides very easy, clear and effectiveway of maintaining the student record. As we know that, everyone is familiar with the manual system which wasmaintaining the mentoring book for each and every student is very time-consuming and complicated way of maintainingmentoring record. So by taking this point into the consideration we have tried to reduce the work of Mentor In charge andMentor. Here we have systematic way of distributing Mentees to the Mentors .Keywords- Mentoring, Admin(HOD),Mentor Incharge, Mentor, Mentee, Login, Solution, Automatic distributor

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