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Abstract-- Corona virus, a wide family of different viruses, have lately become extremely common, communicable, anddangerous to the whole human population. It transmitted to humans by expelling contaminated breath, which deposits germparticles on various surfaces and is then breathed by another person, who becomes infected. As a result, we must protectourselves and people around each other from this situation. We can protect ourselves by keeping social distance, washingour hands every 2 hours, using disinfectant, and, most critically, wearing a mask. Wearing masks in public has becomedramatically increased in recent times all across the world. India is by far the most damaged and horrible scenario due to itshuge population density in a short period of time.This article describes a way for monitoring whether or not someone face mask is being used in companies or any otherlocation with a high number of people. We used a CNN for this. The model was successfully tested utilising live videostreaming after being developed on a real-world dataset. The accuracy of the model is further evaluated using differenthyper parameters and several people at varying distances and locations within the frame.Keywords— Face Mask Detecting, CNN, MobileNet V2

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