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Abstract— in rapid, construction projects, it is not possible tomanage the project through the conventional ways. It has been observed manytimes that the productivity of the construction depleting and leads to rework and produces many wastages such as over production, inventory,unnecessary transportation, workers displacements, over processing, defect, waiting of materials, unused employee creativity, work accident, etc. Therefore practical ideas and techniques need to be used in construction that will help projects teams to deal with wastages in construction with the use of optimum resources and this can be achieved by using an construction principles and techniques So this paperaims to overview and discuss the applicability of principles and its techniques used in construction project which helps to reduce time & cost in construction and brings the quality of work in product developing process with raising the profit level and also which factors affects to adopt management in construction has discussed with the current construction practices and past studies In India, the implementation of management in construction industry is a major task. Due to lack of attention and illiterate towards the management principle the owner, contractor, engineers etc. are still developing stage to implement this principle in their project. This project mainly focuses on to identify thepossibilities of implementation of lean management in construction industry. It will be achieved by preparing the questionnaire and alsoconducting the interview with the project personals like top management, engineers and site supervisors etc. The questionnaires wereevaluated to adopt the techniques through statistical methods. This paper presents the possibilities of effective utilization of management principle in construction industry, whichcan surely increase the quality of work and profit rate by eliminating the cost & time of materials.Metro projects are vital to the city and must be completed as soon as possible. Almost all Indian metro projects are delayed. Delay is themost common, complex, and dangerous problem in construction. Most construction projects in developing countries run late. Regardless ofsize or complexity, deadlines and unpredictability abound. Every construction project has delays, and the severity of these delays varies greatly. This study reviews prior research on time and cost overrun drivers.Keywords- Delay, Metro, Cost, Time, budget, Management, factors

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