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Abstract: The world , we are living around where androids and Information Technology have became a major part of ourdaily stuff .As we know that the market for the Electric Vehicle is increasing in all over the world due to the ongoingdevelopment in Automotive Sector. All over the world, number of people are usually using the Electric Vehicles. As perincreasing number of Electric Vehicles and the user’s for Electric Vehicles the number of charging for the Electric vehiclesis also increasing. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the users to find the location of the nearest charging stations. We aredeveloping an android application for the electric vehicle users, to help them find the charging stations on the basis of theirlocation .Main motive of our application, is to help the electric vehicle users to find the nearest charging station according tothe users location.It will help the EV user to not waste much more time finding the charging stations. Electric VehicleCharging Station Finder Android Application is going to save the time of the EV user as well as it is going to be helpful forthe EV user in every possible way and in the times of need.Keywords: - Electric vehicle,Charging, Station, EV users

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