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Abstract: Construction is rapidly increasing in this era. Construction term means that a art for constructing a home orbuilding. It is a inter relationship between the all variables and effect they will on the project that create complexity. Forteam construction is obviously associated to brick and all construction related material. This paper is studied the how tomake a interactive and informative website for client. The project is structural analysis and design and full plan forconstruction which is located at Nashik. Construction is a art and science to form object organization system. Constructioncovers the process involve delivering buildings, industries facilities, infrastructure. Basically it start with design andplanning, financing and continue until the project is ready for use. This site take care that customers dream houses aremade by them. Construction also covers maintenance work to expand, extend and improve the project, is demolition. TheConstruction industry promotes economical development and bring benefit for customers. This site building divided intoresidential and non-residential, farm houses, offices etc

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