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Abstract— Although the use of blast furnace slag as concrete aggregate was included in JIS, it is not widely used today, and NipponSteel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation's yearly sale of slag for aggregate use remains at one million tonnes. However, with therecent trend toward a more recycling-oriented society, effective use of slag is gaining attention, and the Company has investigatedthe use of blast furnace slag as concrete aggregate for a broader variety of applications. The current article describes a case study inwhich slag was utilised as the concrete aggregate for road paving, as well as the quality control procedures employed during theconstruction and the subsequent evaluation of the pavement's performance. Additionally, this section discusses the solutions to thechallenges associated with the use of fine slag aggregate in concrete and its applicability to cast concrete products.Concrete is the most widely utilised man-made material on the planet. Concrete is frequently employed in the fabrication of avariety of structural components for use in a variety of civil engineering applications. Cement concrete pavements are more indemand than bituminous pavements in modern highway developments. Due to a scarcity of high-quality natural resources forconcrete production, waste in the manufacture of concrete, particularly for pavements, is a key challenge in the advancement ofcivil engineering. Blast furnace slag is one of thewaste products generated by steel mills worldwide.Keywords— Blast furnace slag, Concrete, Sand, Pavement, Waste materials

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