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Abstract— the principal causes of delays from this research study were investigated after data was collected utilising a questionnaire survey with a wide range of construction specialists headquartered in High-rise Projects. The key conclusions gained from the data should benefit the construction industry in better understanding not only the major reasons of delays on construction projects, but also how to reduce themthrough appropriate planning. Despite its importance in ensuring the safe application of working processes, safety leadership is occasionallyoverlooked in recommendations.Apart from addressing increased demand, in the current setting, delays can be prevented by making suitable decisions throughout the construction process, albeit further research is needed. Studies on decision-making processes, the content of training programmes forconstruction site managers, the value of programmes in building a more trained workforce, and the possibility for greater use of pre-castmaterials, among other things, are all examples of this. The reasons for construction project delays in India during the epidemic were investigated in this study.Because high-rise projects are such an important part of the city, they must be finished as fast as possible for the benefit of the public. Almost every project in India is running late. The most common, complicated, and dangerous problem in construction projects is delay. Thebulk of construction projects in underdeveloped countries experience time overruns. Regardless of their scale or complexity, all projects are plagued by deadlines and uncertainty. Every construction project has delays, and the severity of these delays varies significantly fromone project tothe next. This research examines previous studies on the causesof schedule and expense overruns.Keywords—Low Rise & High Rise Buildings, Cost-benefit analysis

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