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Abstract: The rapid development of the population has also resulted in an increase in the volume of waste generated on adaily basis. The increased output of garbage as a result of continuing urbanisation and industrialisation has become aserious challenge for both local and national governments. It is also providing a significant challenge for local governmentsto handle the rubbish that is being dumped. As a landfill, everywhere. To ensure that the environment and human healthare not jeopardised, rigorous precautions must be taken. When it comes to trash segregation and transportation Wastesegregation in a In a correct manner, the true economic value of the is brought to the forefront. Waste. In India, theconventional method of garbage segregation is by rag pickers, which is time-consuming and can result in injuries.Detrimental impact on the health of those who are exposed to such substances wastes. We propose the usage of an AutoWaste Segregator in this case (AWS) .This is a low-cost and simple approach for animal segregation waste from the home Itis intended to separate waste into two categories: dry waste and moist waste. The system employs a Wet sensor. Moisturesensor for the separation of wet and dry waste detection of dry waste and an LCD display to show the results in terms ofsegregation

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