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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

“Soil Stabilization Using Waste Material Sugarcane Baggash Ash”


Abstract— the field of soil development made possible by theutilization of excess sugar bagasse ash; India is one of the world'sgreatest rice producers. In India, the most common soil type isBlack cotton Soil, which makes subgrade building difficult. In thiscase, one way to solve the problem is to use various alternativelygenerated waste products, which not only pose environmental risksbut also depositional issues. In-situ stabilization of poor soils withappropriate admixtures can significantly reduce building costs.Agricultural waste disposal has the potential to have a negativeimpact on the environment, resulting in air pollution, waterpollution, and eventually damaging local ecosystems. As a result, itis necessary to make these agricultural wastes environmentallyfriendly. These agricultural wastes improve the strength andproperties of soil without harming the environment when used assoil stabilizers. The goal of this research is to improve soil as aconstruction material by employing Sugar Bagasse Ash (SBA), awaste product. The cost of construction will be significantlydecreased as a result of the utilization of agricultural waste, as wellas the environmental risks they pose. Silica derived from SugarBagasse Ash has been tested as a pozzolanic material for soilstability. Sugar Bagasse waste is generated in vast quantities anddumped in open areas. As a result, sugar bagasse is used inbuilding foundations and structures to improve soil carryingcapacity, minimize the amount of open land required for disposal,and conserve the environment through resource conservation. TheStandard Proctor Test, Liquid Limit Test, Plastic Limit Test, andCalifornia Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests were used to evaluate theperformance of the soil-SBA. The results show a significantdecrease in maximum dry density (MDD), an increase in optimummoisture content (OMC), and a superficial improvement in CBR asthe SBA content is increased.Keywords—Soil Stabilization, Sugar bagasse ash , CBR, OMC,MDD,

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