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Abstract: Computing resources are given as a utility on demand to consumers over the Internet, and cloud computing plays asignificant role in the commercial domain today. Cloud storage is one of the services offered by cloud computing that hasgrown in popularity. Customers benefit the most from cloud storage since they can cut their expenditures on purchasing andmaintaining storage equipment by simply paying for the amount of storage they need, which can be scaled up and down ondemand. With cloud computing's expanding data size, a reduction in data quantities could assist providers in lowering thecosts of running huge storage systems and conserving energy. As a result, data deduplication techniques have beenimplemented in cloud storage to improve storage efficiency. Because of the dynamic nature of data in cloud storage, datautilisation in the cloud fluctuates over time. For example, some data chunks may be accessed often one time but not the next.Some datasets may be viewed or updated frequently by several users at the same time, while others may require a highamount of redundancy for stability. As a result, it's critical that cloud storage provide this dynamic functionality. Currenttechniques, on the other hand, are primarily focused on a static scheme, which limits their full applicability in the dynamicnature of data in cloud storage. We propose a dynamic deduplication strategy for cloud storage in this research, with thegoal of increasing storage economy while maintaining redundancy for fault tolerance.Keywords: Data deduplication, cloud, AES, MD5, Java, JSP & Servlet, et

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