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Abstract: The Fingerprint Based Medical System presents a new technique to maintain patient clinical records that is moreefficient. It uses fingerprint recognition technology to rapidly and easily determine a patient's past medical history. Themedical information system, which will allow for the storage of a trustworthy electronic medical record system in adatabase. This method substitutes an electronic medical record system for traditional paper-based medical records.According to the current situation, the time spent waiting for an ambulance and finding resources at the hospital when apatient arrives is increasing day by day due to an increase in the number of accidents and health problems. As a result, wepropose this paper to address the issue of time waste when a patient arrives at the hospital. To begin, we will use a databaseto obtain the patient's medical history in this study. The central server will be updated with this information.Fingerprintrecognition is performed as soon as the patient is admitted to the ambulance in order to get his medical history. Thisbiometric information, which already exists on the central server, is provided to the hospital in order to reduce time spenton the patient's requirements. Finally, this study describes the design of a biometric medical database system in anambulance that is tiny, sturdy, low-cost, and easy to use.Keywords: HER, fingerprint, ambulance, medical history, java, etc

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