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Abstract: we provide an image dataset as input. Various sorts of road anxiety are depicted in the photographs we present aneural network topology, as well as training and prediction algorithms, in this research. To create a safe road environment,we present a deep neural network technique to detect road surface deterioration conditions. For training. The suggestedapproach is compared to a variety of deep learning models from different disciplines.The findings of this study are expected to play a significant role in guaranteeing safe driving in the future byEstimating the pulse (HR) of individuals has different applications in telemedicine, InternetThings (IoT), sports,security, and so on Notwithstanding, some of the time it is hard to utilize an exemplary technique for estimating HR orthe traditional strategy doesn't scale. This paper presents an answer that chips awayat live video transfers and cangauge the HR of different individuals simultaneously. Face identification joined with object following is utilized to createa bunch of face square shapes,which are inspected in the later phases of the pipeline for shading varieties. The normal of the shading, in a district of revenue (ROI) picked on the face addresses a sign which compares to the pulse. Utilizing signal handling, a pulse recurrence can beextricated from this sign.The strategy is very exact and stable. With calculation, four individuals' appearances were recognized and their pulses were estimated simultaneously, and mistake pace of 3-5% can be acquired for the HR. By using object following joined with face recognition, our strategy diminishes the handling power required and permits better scaling.

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