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Abstract: Sarcasm is a different type of evaluation that consists of words that generally mean something opposite to whatyou truly want to say and can be used in a variety of situations, such as to be upfront, to show disturbance, or to be clever.Sarcasm is occasionally used inside the communication as an individual transmits to convey known material. Sarcasm, likeanalysis or a joke, may be employed in a variety of contexts. Sarcasm, in any case, is incredibly detrimental for individualsto perceive. As a result, the identification of sarcasm leads to a better comprehension of the user's sentiment analysis, basedon data acquired from websites such as Twitter and Facebook. The benefits of recognising sarcasm for opinion mining havefueled interest in automated sarcasm identification as an exploratory subject. The software in automated sarcasmrecognition attempts to determine if a text is sarcastic or neutral. There are two parts to the study article. It extractscharacteristics linked to feelings and punctuation in the first phase, and then the chi-square test is used to identify the mostuseful features. In the second step, the top 200 tf-idf characteristics are retrieved and paired with sentiment and punctuationfeatures to detect sarcastic material inside the tweet. The first strategy achieves the highest accuracy by employing theSupport Vector Machine algorithm, which has a value of 74.59

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