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Abstract: There have been widespread allegations about the question papers leakage for a number of subjects in the recentlyheld Secondary School Leaving Certificate examinations. The leakage is due to the practice of using printed question papers.Such incidents and subsequent cancellation of examinations are happening frequently. This creates political and socialembarrassment and causes loss of money and time. This paper proposes a new system of fool proof examination by tamper proofe-question paper preparation and secure transmission using secret sharing scheme. The application is perfectly secure becausethe proposed method automatically embeds the corresponding institute seal in the form of the key. As a result, it is easy to traceout the source culprit for the leakage of question papers. This scheme has reduced reconstruction time because the reconstructionprocess involves only Exclusive-OR (XOR) operation apart from authentication. Visual Cryptography is a special encryptiontechnique to hide information in images in such a way that it can be decrypted by the human visual system. The benefit of thevisual secret sharing scheme is in its decryption process where without any complex cryptographic computation encrypted datais decrypted using Human Visual System But the encryption technique needs cryptographic computation to divide the imageinto a number of parts let n. k-n secret sharing scheme is a special type of Visual Cryptographic technique where at least a groupof k shares out of n shares reveals the secret information, less of it will reveal no information. In our paper we have proposed anew k-n secret sharing scheme for colour image where encryption (Division) of the image is done using Random Numbergenerator.Keywords: Visual cryptography, secret sharing scheme, examination system, information security, authentication, secretsharing, random number --------------------------------

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