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Abstract: A cashless society is one in which financial transactions are conducted without the use of real money, such asbanknotes or coins, but rather through the exchange of digital information (usually an electronic representation of money)between the parties involved. Since the birth of human civilization, cashless societies have existed, based on barter and othertypes of exchange, and cashless transactions are now possible with the usage of digital currencies like bitcoin. However, theterm "cashless society" is used in this article to refer to a society in which cash is substituted by its digital equivalent—inother words, legal tender (money) exists, is recorded, and is only exchanged in electronic digital form and the consequencesof such a society Such a concept has gotten a lot of attention, especially because digital methods of recording, managing, andexchanging money are becoming increasingly popular in commerce, investment, and everyday life in many parts of theworld, and transactions that would have been done with cash in the past are now frequently done electronically. Nonelectronic payment methods are now subject to transaction and transaction amount limits in some countries. We'll look athow block chain technology can be applied to the digital economy to help India become more digital in this post.Keywords: digital economy, cashless, SHA256, AES, digital India, java, jsp, servlet, etc

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