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Abstract: Throughout history, women have ensured a nation's stability, advancement, and long-term development. Womencannot be fully included in society if they are subjected to violence and harassment. With the increase in terrible actsaffecting women and children, a sophisticated system is required to fulfil the objective of seeking relief as quickly aspossible. The use of smartphones has expanded quickly in recent years, making it possible to use a smartphone efficiently forsecurity or other defensive purposes. All of the recent atrocities have prompted us to consider safety concerns. Women'soffences can be reduced with the use of our programme "LifeCraft" It is an Android app designed for women's protection,while males can also use it in an emergency. It can be initiated via voice command or the SOS key. Every five minutes untilthe system is shut off, an alarm message with the location is sent to the user-defined numbers [1]. Many instances remainunsolved because of a lack of evidence. As a result, we retained the audio recording option in order to preserve evidence.Some of the most useful aspects of this system are continuous location monitoring, displaying the victim's safe zone, andoffline mode.Keywords: Women security, android application, voice command, location tracking, offline, safe zone

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