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Abstract: This project is aimed to develop an Android application called “Parents Eye”. This Android application (APP) isuse to track one’s route and send it to another user when she/he reaches the location. This application can also be used tochange the Audio profile of the phone. When the user reaches its Location the phone will automatically change its audioprofile. We have used the SMS (short message service) server to send a message to another person when she/he has reachedthe location. We also have used voice recognition. In the emergency situation voice recognition feature can be used. Whenthere is an emergency another user’s alarm will start even if the audio profile is on silent and get an emergency message whichis sent from another user. The main purpose of this device is to trace the situation of the kid in a simple manner. the kid caneven send alert message at the side of their location to their parents. the prevailing devices use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi forcommunication. As these 2 technologies cowl solely a brief range, the communication over the way space is very impossible.This device uses SMS based mostly technology to beat this problem. to grasp the latitude and line of longitude of the child’slocation the fogeys are not within the would like of causation any specific code to the device. If they press the key they willreceive the SMS.Keywords given to the voice recognition features are as follows:-Accident, Urgent, Help, Emergency, Importan

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