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ABSTRACT:- Landing gear is most huge part in an airplane framework during ground and take offactivities. Presently a-days we can see that larger part of disappointments of airplane structure happens onaccount of breakdown of landing gear framework exclusively. By and large an arrival stuff should beargenuine compressive burden, drag load and side burden. Drag burden and side burden esteems are awfullyminuscule in contrast with compressive burden. Along these lines, it's treated as joined dimensional design.During handling it's intended to take in the arrival sway energy so the heap sent to the airplane outline islimited. Beside static strength, energy assimilation is a very significant plan measures. For minusculeairplanes, a lip spring kind of landing gear is for the most part adequate for engrossing the effect energy.However, for substantial airplanes, oleo pneumatic landing gear swagger is the overall decision.The Aim ofthe this thesis is findout the stress distribution ,deformations, shear stresses of the landing gear with usingvarious materials they are Aluminum 7075, Fe M54, TI-10AL-2FE-3V, TI-6AL-6V-2SN and AL7075Generally using material are FE M54. Nose landing gear is designed using the catia software and Performthe static and modal analysis. consider the working loading conditions in ansys.Finally concluded the suitablematerial for the landing gear based on the von-misses stress, strain, deformations in static and differentdeformations at different frequencies in modal anlaysis .Keywords: Nose landing gear, Igs, different materials, Ansys, CATIAV5

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