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Brakes are likely the most important safety feature in a vehicle. The rotor will be subjected to extreme stresses throughout the slowing down procedure, resulting in surface cracking, overheating of the brake fluids, seals, and other components. Accordingly one of the primary undertakings of the stopping mechanism is todecrease the surface temperature of the brake rotor. Disappointment of brakes particularly in bikes havebeen one of the significant reasons for some mishaps. The constrained anxieties following up on the platerotor due to constrained slowing down harms the circle and at last it breaks. This shows that no legitimatematerial and configuration has been picked while examining the plate at various conditions. The reviewdepicts the different plans like Normal plate rotor and opened circle with openings brake rotor. The principleobjective of this undertaking is to propose another car brake plate rotor plan for BAJAJ PULSAR 150will reduce total deformity and increase the most extreme heat scatteringThe proposed plan uses catia v5 programming to plan a ventilated disc (Existing plan) and a slatted disc withtypical apertures (Existing plan). The static underlying investigation and warm examination of the brake plate rotor was completed using ANSYS 16 with various materials Gray cast iron, Alsic, Ti6AL4V, AISI 6150, EN8, which is a dedicated limited component bundle used for determining the von misses stresses, shear pressure, strain, twisting, and complete warmth transition. across the plate brake profile. Depending on the magnitude of von misses stresses, shear pressure, strain misshapening, and absolute warmth motion, the best of the intended and material of brake plate rotor is to be recommended.

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