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Abstract- In Automobile fuel economy and exhaust gas control are two key challenges nowadays. To address this issue, theautomotive industry is attempting to develop new vehicles that give great efficiency at a reasonable cost. The most effective wayto improve fuel economy is to reduce the vehicle's weight. Weight reduction is largely done by the use of superior materials,design optimization, and improved manufacturing techniques. Composite has become a very suitable alternative material forconventional steel due to its ability to reduce weight while improving mechanical qualities. A number of parts in motor vehiclescan be replaced with composite materials, thanks to improvements in composite material mechanical characteristics. Whencompared to steel, it has a higher elastic strength and a higher strength-to-weight ratio. As a result, one of the components ofan automobile, the leaf spring, which carries the whole weight of the vehicle, is the ideal candidate for replacing steel withcomposite material. The study was carried out on a model of Force Motors Trax Cruiser's leaf spring with the same dimensionalgeometry in order to lower the weight of the leaf spring. We developed the leaf spring 3d model in catia software and importedit into ansys 14.5 workbench before deciding on the best material for these two materials based on stress, deformation, and strainweight ratio.Keywords: Ansys, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Catia, Composite, Manufacturing Process.

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