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Abstract- In IC engines, a camshaft is a mechanical rotational element. With the aid of different gear trains or idler gear, thecrankshaft is responsible for the rotation of the camshaft. The fundamental purpose of the camshaft is to transform the rotatingaction of the crankshaft into reciprocating motion, which is then transferred to the opening and shutting of valves to feed fuelto the combustion chamber. Camshaft performance is mostly determined by the design and material utilized in the camshaft. Asa result, choosing the right material for the camshaft is critical for improving the efficiency of an IC engine. In the engine, thecamshaft is responsible for transferring motion to the intake and exhaust valves. The strokes of the engine will not work properlyif the transfer of motion is not correct. It also has an impact on the engine's performance. It is necessary to develop a goodcamshaft mechanism linkage in order to make the camshaft operate precisely. One of the most significant components of a fourstroke engine is the camshaft, which has been the subject of much research throughout the years. Because many materials areutilized for camshafts, the project's major goal is to use finite element analysis to identify the best material for a camshaft. Thestudy is primarily concerned with stress fluctuation on the camshaft in various materials, including forged steel, chilled castiron, Nimonic 80A, EN 18, and Inconel alloy x750. At the conclusion, a comparison will be made to choose the optimal materialfor the camshaft. Use the ansys programme to perform static and modal analyses. The camshaft in this example is for a multicylinder engine, and catia is used as a three-dimensional modelling programme to model the camshaft, with dimensions appliedin CAD software. This model will be utilised in ANSYS for analysis. Finally, based on Von-misses stress, deformation, shearstress, and strain in static analysis, and deformations at different frequencies in modal analysis, it was determined which materialis suited for cam shaft.Keywords: Finite Element Analysis (FEA); Camshaft, Autocad, static modal anlaysis, stress, deformation, strain, frequencie

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