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Abstract: -This Paper describes the user travelling problem due to empty fuel tank. And the solution is given AndroidApplication Which Provide Emergency Fuel (Petrol/Diesel) to current user location any-time any-where. User Register togiven Android Application and then when user Bike/Car fuel tank is empty at travelling time then given user search thenearest Petrol Pump and send Request to some amount of fuel. After that the delivery boy which is present on given PetrolPump send response to given user current location by adding some extra delivery charge. Delivery charge calculated by usinguser request distance and time. In the given project we are concentrating on provide Emergency Services related topetrol/diesel. Provide service in critical situations and Emergency cases. To accomplish this, we must create an AndroidApplication that utilizes the GPS sensor of the mobile device in question.Keywords: GPS sensor, Machine Learning, KNN algorithm, Artificial Intelligence.

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