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Abstract: Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is proposed as the physical layer enabler of Network-On-Chip (NoC)interconnects for its prominent features such as fixed latency, guaranteed service, and reduced system complexity. CDMAinterconnects have been adopted by the NoC community as it originates in wireless communications where each bit in a CDMAencoded data word is transmitted on a separate channel to avoid interference. However, the wireless interference problem canbe efficiently mitigated in on-chip interconnects eliminating the need for replicating the CDMA channel. Moreover, wirelesschannels are sequential by nature which is not the case in on-chip interconnects where parallel buses are the defaultcommunication means. After CDMA was adopted by the NoC community, the same wireless CDMA scheme has beenmaintained where each data bit is encoded in a separate CDMA channel and the encoding/decoding logic is replicated for datapackets. In this work, we present a novel CDMA encoding/decoding scheme called Aggregated CDMA (ACDMA) for NoCinterconnects in which all packet bits are encoded in a single CDMA channel, consequently, eliminating the area and energyoverheads resulted from replicating the channel encoding/decoding logic.

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