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Abstract- The engine block is the linchpin of vehicles that run on internal combustion, providing the powerhouse for the vehicle.It is called a "block" because it is usually a solid cast car part, housing the cylinders and their components inside a cooled andlubricated crankcase. This part is designed to be extremely strong and sturdy, because its failure results in failure of the car,which will not function until the engine block is replaced or repaired.The main aim of the project is to analyze the thermal properties by varying geometry of cylinder block fins using ANSYS workbench. The 3D model of the geometries are created using CREO parametric and its thermal properties are analyzed using Ansysworkbench 14.5. The variation of temperature distribution over time is of interest in many applications such as in cooling. Theaccurate thermal simulation could permit critical design parameters to be identified for improved life. Design of fin plays animportant role in heat transfer. There is a scope of improvement in heat transfer of air cooled engine cylinder fin if mountedfin’s shape varied from conventional one. Contact time between air flow and fin (time between air inlet and outlet flow throughfin) is also important factor in such heat transferKey words: pulsar fins, CREO software, ANSYS software

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