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Abstract: Moneyless communities have existed sincethe time human communities came into existence. Human beings used the “bartersystem” wherein they exchanged items as per their requirements. Eventually, wemoved on to the money system using cash, coins etc. However, as the value ofmoney increased and cyber security became a concern in online transactions. So,we once again find ourselves moving from cash to cashless transactions.Non-cash transactions are now very convenient since it is possible in moderntimes to use digital currencies for online transactions. But while onlinetransactions are convenient, it is important to focus on securing onlinetransactions. This article focuses on online transaction systems that make useof the blockchain technology to tackle cyber security issues. In other words,official tender (money) exists, is recorded, and is only exchanged in digital(electronic) form. Such an idea has always been discussed extensively,especially since the world began to address the rapid and increasing use ofdigital methods for recording, managing, and exchanging money in commerce,investment and daily life in many parts of land, and trade. Money made isusually paid electronically. Some countries now impose restrictions ontransactions and transaction rates that can be legally used for non-electricitypayments. Here in this paper, we   willdiscuss how we can use the blockchain digital India digital economytechnology. 

Keywords: Digital Economy, Cash, SHA256,AES, Digital India, Java, JSP , Servlet. 

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